“Approachable is what first comes to mind when I think about Ben. Not only in terms of personality, but how in working with him you feel like you can approach your most daunting physical goals or your most nagging weaknesses. As a former Division 1 athlete, I’d never thought I would reach that physical peak again, especially after knee injuries ended my playing days. To date, all of my lifetime personal records have been achieved in moments where Ben was there to help me approach them with success.”

- Craig King (Division I Athlete)

“Ben has guided me immensely and has helped me take my training and nutrition to the next level. Not only has my body completely changed with the nutrition programming, but I'm getting stronger, better, and faster! Ben is always positive and gives very constructive and helpful feedback. I've learned so much and can't wait to see what's next!!”

- Karley Troup (Division I Athlete)

“Ben has been coaching me for almost 6 months now. What started off as nutrition coaching has evolved into nutrition and CrossFit training. Since working with Ben, I have gained a better understanding of my nutrition needs and how that effects my performance, I have never felt better. In our short time together, Ben has helped me greatly improve all my gymnastic movements as well as develop my aerobic capacity. He is knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and genuinely wants to see you reach your potential.”

- Sam Welch

“When I first started CrossFit with Coach Foster, I was three months postpartum and I had not been on any kind of regular exercise routine for several years. Although I definitely felt intimidated at first, Ben was very positive and proactive, helping me break down some of the more complicated movements into manageable pieces or modify movements that I didn’t have yet. With practice and great coaching I got much smoother, stronger, more confident, and happier! Losing a few dress sizes didn’t hurt either! I cried when he moved away and we named our second son Ben. You can’t get much better than that!”

- Ashley Rowe

“Finishing a graduate degree while working full-time and raising a family took its toll on my body. In addition to gaining weight and not being able to workout regularly, I had just fallen out of the habit of prioritizing my own needs. Making an investment just for me felt positively decadent, but I'm so glad that I did! Having a coach makes all the difference. Ben is knowledgeable, supportive, and responsive. I particularly appreciated that he really wanted to understand my goals, and how he could best support them. I'm still a work in progress, but I feel like I've made a fundamental shift in how I approach what I eat. I've also been enjoying all of the, "Wow, you're looking fit!" comments that I've been receiving! Thanks, Ben!”

- Lisa Dyas

“As a former college athlete and sports broadcaster, I’ve been around coaches and trainers all my life. So, I know a good one when I see one, and Coach Ben is a great one. He’s not only knowledgeable, but his easy going and fun personality make him a joy to be around. He creates a fun and caring atmosphere in the gym. He’s patient and encouraging, and makes it fun to compete and shoot for your goals—not someone else’s. He helped me achieve things in CrossFit I didn’t believe I could. Thanks, Coach Ben.”

- Rodney Gilmore (ESPN Sports Analyst)

“I have been a client of Ben's group crossfit coaching for four years and utilizing his individualized nutrition and strength coaching for the last 6 months. I cannot say enough good things about Ben's coaching! His personal and holistic style of coaching makes it so easy to be successful in meeting your goals. After having 3 children I had some stubborn extra baby weight and my core was so weak resulting in frequent bouts of low back and hip pain. Ben has been coaching me through slow steady weight loss while programming a challenging core routine. This has resulted in sustained weight loss and magically my low back and hip pain has dramatically improved. He constantly elicits feedback and tailors exercise prescriptions accordingly. Thanks to Ben at age 39, with 3 kids under age 7, I am in the best shape of my life!”

- Lea Glick

“Ben has educated me about nutrition in a way that I have never experienced and I've had over 8 trainers over the last 7 years. He creates truly customized nutrition plans that are flexible as my life circumstances change. I no longer feel guilty when I indulge and I've been able to sustain weight loss without feeling deprived. His advice is completely rooted in real science vs trendy pop science. I'm so grateful to have him as my most trusted advisor in fitness & nutrition!”

- Shakira Al-Musawwir

“I've been around of a lot of coaches throughout my life and Ben ranks right up there with some of my favorites. He has an aura of humility about him that makes you feel at home. I truly believe it boils down to the fact that he is absolutely in love with fitness and people. His love for fitness is only second to his knowledge. Ben is consistently learning, reading, or watching some video related to fitness and because of this he was able to teach me more in 1 month of CrossFit than my old gym did in 6 months. Ben is truly a professional and we should all be should so lucky to have him as coach.”

- Peter Ly

“I began working with Ben knowing that I needed to start taking responsibility for my health and fitness. I was on the brink of settling into middle-aged, dad-bod complacency. I knew that I needed an environment that is both exuberantly supportive and mildly competitive. From my first on-boarding session with Ben, I knew that I had found my perfect mix. Ben has the ability to build energizing and confidence-building workouts and fosters an energy that kept me engaged, confident and ambitious with my personal goals. Thank you Coach Ben!”

- Doug Beck

“Coach B has helped me reach milestones as an athlete. Whether the goal has been to hit a new PR, learn or progress a movement, recovery from injury or improve my diet, his knowledge and coaching have guided me to reach those goals. I would highly recommend Ben as a coach. I've made leaps and bounds with my strength and endurance, knowledge of proper technique and overall confidence in myself while working with coach B over the years!”

- Kayla Simonson (Division II Athlete)

“Ben Foster is an absolutely fantastic coach—he's engaging, experienced, attentive, and thoughtful, not to mention focused, committed, and creative. He builds strong, dynamic communities while also managing to see and engage with individuals and their specific needs with zero judgement and 100% encouragement. I went into CrossFit feeling skeptical about the whole thing—but I was bored with my workout regime and ready to get back into shape after having my 2nd kid. From my first class with Coach Foster I was in—I felt challenged yet supported, and Foster's focus on technique and form really appealed to me. Several years later and I'm still at it, feeling strong, confident, and so grateful to have had the chance to work with him. Also Foster gets bonus points for excellent taste in socks, television, and hip-hop.”

- Kate Schatz (New York Times Best Selling Author)

“Coach Foster is a special person. I've been lucky to have him as a coach for many years. His meticulous attention to detail in body movement show his knowledge of the body and extensive fitness training experience. I have recently become a coach myself, and couldn't have been more prepared learning from Ben the past 5 years. Coach Foster exudes excellence in all aspects of life. I'm proud to have Ben as a coach!”

- Stephen Lucero

“I've been working with Ben for a little over 4 years, and in that time my fitness has improved immensely. His programming is always thoughtful, informed, and most of all fun. During my time with Ben, I've observed that he is always learning and applying what he learns to his coaching. In March 2016 I started working one-on-one with Ben focusing on nutrition and strength. It has only been two and a half months and I've already noticed a big change in myself. I feel better physically and have made big gains in my weightlifting. I can't wait to see what the future brings as I continue to work with Ben.”

- Chrissy Lucero

“Ben is an amazing coach for several reasons. Most importantly he captivates a room and inspires others to follow his workout agenda. Secondly he holds correct movement patterns above all else and ensures that every athlete learns how to move properly before adding any weight. Ben can work with a range of ages and I've loved being coached by him for the past 3 years. He wears awesome socks and made it cool to be a knowledgeable athlete.”

-Rory Chipman